How to get a payday loan?

Do you already know you need to get a loan, but don’t know how to get started? You’re not the only one, because there are a lot of little things that cause a lot of questions to be formulated. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to get from idea to loan to have a secure crutch when applying for credit.

Find the payday loan that best suits you and your situation

Find the personal loan that best suits you and your situation

There are plenty of bank offers to choose from for anyone who wants to take out a payday loan today, so before you do anything, it is worthwhile to carefully consider which one is best for you. Are you looking for a free-loan or a loan, such as home improvement? Shorter or longer maturity? How much installment can you pay? It is important that you clarify these issues before you apply for a loan to get closer to the best solution.

To help you, here’s a post we’ve written about what makes a payday loan worthwhile.

A loan calculator can be a great help today when reviewing offers, so instead of calling banks or going to a bank branch where you live, you can sweat all the offerings of a financial institution.

Make sure the paper is OK

Make sure the paper is OK

You know that you will need different documents to apply for a loan. These are worth getting before you apply. By the way, it is not a long process to evaluate a payday loan credit – you can get money in just 1-2 days – but you can carve even more about it by setting it up with pre-made thickets.

You will need an identity card (ID card, driver’s license or passport), a personal identification number that is on your address card and, as a rule, a proof of income . Proof of income is required for all borrowing, this is required by law for banks, so you will also need to become an employee, entrepreneur or retired. Employees can apply for an employer certificate from their company, for entrepreneurs it is issued by the NAV, and retirees can use a retirement card and voucher to prove their income. This is the case, but there are times when the bank is asking for more proof. Individual cases can be reported at the branch or by telephone.

Not only is your bank looking for your income, but also your expenses, as they will determine if you could still pay off. If you keep a bank account with the bank from which you would borrow, you don’t have to do much: the bank looks back at your transactions for 3-4 months and draws conclusions. If you find less information, you can also ask for utility bills . In this case, only postal check notifications can be good, make them. If you are borrowing from another bank, you will need a bank statement that you can present.

Contact your bank to ask for a loan

Contact your bank to ask for a loan

If you know what kind of loan you need and have obtained the documents from your workplace, go to the bank. As we have written, you can easily contact them online today. If you don’t believe in digital channels, you still have a traditional phone or bank branch.

Fully digital loans are still offered by very few banks today, and even Good Finance is the only one to lend to clients in the armchair in less than 4 hours. The vast majority of digital requests go to telephone consultation. In this case, the bank will ask for your contact information and will call you at an appropriate time to begin the process.