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You are a soldier? Negotiate the best military loan insurance for you!

Military Loan Insurance

Military Loan Insurance

Your job as a soldier is considered a risky profession, our brokerage firm Puss in Boots.fr offers the cheapest solution for the insurance of your mortgage because we have negotiated with military insurance companies a tariff without markup adapted to your profession.

The military profession

The military profession

A soldier is an individual who works for the armed forces. When he is on the “field” as a fighter, he is also called “soldier”. The military is hierarchically recognizable by the rank they carry.

Military Definition: Member of the Armed Forces officially within the state.

The military is most often during the service facing dangers, and insurance companies are subject to this professional category increases when subscribing to a loan insurance, but not Puss in Boots.

Compare military loan insurance offers to secure your home loan

Real estate loan insurance

Real estate loan insurance

When applying for a mortgage loan, the lending institution requires the borrower to subscribe to loan insurance to guarantee the loan. Although this is not a legal requirement, it is indeed a loan condition. Real estate loan insurance protects the bank and the borrower for the duration of the loan thanks to the assumption of reimbursement by the insurer in the event of a claim.

The bank systematically offers the borrower a group insurance contract. This is a standard collective contract. You are however entitled to take out your credit insurance outside the bank provided that the guarantee level of the external contract is at least equivalent to that of the group contract.

Military: a profession considered “at risk” by insurers

Military: a profession considered "at risk" by insurers

If you are a soldier, you may encounter difficulties in insuring yourself because your profession represents significant risks for insurers. In fact, if some people include it in the “exclusions” of their insurance contract, others will have to put in place special conditions, which will also increase the cost of the insurance premium.

Reduce the cost of your military loan insurance with a broker! The loan insurance specialist can offer you the cheapest offers on the market that best meet your specific needs.


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